Welcome To The Gnogen Wiki

The Gnogen Wiki contains all the information for all things Gnogen. This virtual library provides structure and clarity into what we are building. We seek to become the #1 Metaverse experience.
Gnogen started as an NFT project in April 2021 to bring high-quality digital collectibles to the Elrond Network Blockchain. Utilizing Elrond's high bandwidth, low latency blockchain technology, Gnogen is building towards a new and amazing Metaverse experience.
What began as an artistic vision with a deep desire to tell timeless stories using cryptocurrency-inspired superpowers, has turned into a full comic book universe filled with 7 Supreme Heroes developing alongside a blockchain-based gaming circuit utilizing Gnogen Authentic NFT Technology.
As a new generation steps up to take their place, we undertake a long and perilous mission to champion the values of Web3 and Decentralization. The community will help shape the Gnogen Metaverse and take ownership of their own digital collectibles. Along the way, we will also seek to build hardcore, cutting-edge DAPPs on the blazing fast, ultra-secure Elrond Network Blockchain.
Follow along as we update our Wiki whenever major updates happen within the Gnogenverse.
Last modified 8mo ago