1. Introduction

"Every journey begins with a single step."
While you have been waiting for the promises of Web 3 and the Metaverse to fully materialize, you may have found it difficult to find brands and projects that offer the kind of Metaverse experience that completely satisfies your expectations. With these frontiers being new and yet to be developed, what we are seeing now are but mere glimpses of the future. Along that journey, many will try and fail. A few will even succeed, but what will that success look like? Which teams will lead the way and which will fall short of sustainable glory? As in the dot com bubbles of the early 2000s, only the few will survive to ultimately go on to become the gatekeepers of the next digital era. Many of the familiar companies and teams that dominated Web 2 for so long have already set their wheels in motion to comprehensively capture the majority of the financial opportunity waiting for the future of blockchain gaming. It is up to the end-user, the lifeblood of any successful organization, to hold firm to the Web 3 values of empowering creators, builders, and community contributors. Which brands are giving power back to the people? And to what extent do they prove this through their actions? There is one project that aims to build a robust and enriching Metaverse while simultaneously ensuring that 100% of the Digital Land Supply as well as 100% of the ecosystem's token supply, will be available at zero additional cost to members: GNOGEN. To help kick start these multiyear, monumental tasks of creating a Metaverse from the ground up, teams everywhere are leveraging blockchain technology to help grow vibrant, online, decentralized communities. What better way to unite this generation of believers than by sharing and retelling timeless stories of the greatest archetypal heroes and villains of humanity? It was how many great entertainment franchises of the past were born, and we believe the stars are aligning for the coming of the next big entertainment franchise.