Istari Vision

Finding experience, leadership, and a great reputation are all traits Gnogen finds in our business development partner Istari Vision. Istari Vision has been building alongside the Elrond Team since the very beginning. Validating blocks since the launch of Mainnet, Istari Vision now manages over 630,995 EGLD for the entire network!
Throughout the course of such steady leadership, they have helped bring impressive companies such as Holoride ($RIDE) to also build on Elrond. Our strategic partnership will set the stage for collaboration on many fronts, not the least of which will be exploring the boundaries where business meets blockchain technology.
Already they have proven instrumental in helping us navigate the uncertainties of crypto regulation, but moving forward the two brands plan to work closely to build products on Elrond that will be developed, tested, tested some more, and ultimately, secure enough to proceed into the promised land of mass adoption.
With our ambitious plans to build multiple powerhouse verticals, we will need all of the competent, talented, and experienced minds that we can work with. Web3 token mining, blockchain-based gaming DAPPs, a new twist on an NFT marketplace, and so much more — Gnogen and Istari Vision are teaming up to bring massive DAPPs to the Elrond Network Blockchain.
Last modified 9mo ago