Core Technologies


Without NFTs, Web 3 is simply not possible. Gnogen will leverage NFT technology to take full usage of the Elrond NFT standard. NFTs on Elrond are safer to interact with, faster to send/receive, and only cost pennies to complete transactions. Stats, traits, and additional owner information can be utilized by creatives to connect deeper with their communities and offer a collectible experience that's unlike anything that has come before.

Smart Contracts

The Elrond Blockchain can process smart contracts and has true ownership built into its NFT protocol. That means crypto wallet owners have full access to their NFTs, instead of having the NFTs live on separate smart contracts (the Ethereum Model). Users can also buy, sell, and send NFTs within seconds on Elrond, instead of several minutes on other blockchains.

Crypto Wallets

Elrond has created a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that can store your $EGLD, $GNG, $USDC, $BTC, NFTs, and other Elrond Standard Digital Tokens (ESDTs). Your keys, your coins, your NFTs. Use your Maiar crypto wallet to log into any DAPP built on Elrond.

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications, also known as DAPPs, range from decentralized exchanges like the Maiar Exchange, where users can swap their ESDT tokens, to, which people can one day walk around in a central hub of the Gnogen Metaverse.