Maiar Punks

The 1st Gnogen DAO launchpad partner.
In October 2021, The Maiar Punks became the first NFT Project to ever join the Gnogen DAO Launchpad. Since then, 7 more amazing partners have joined, and one has even been absorbed by Gnogen Studios in March 2022 (Validators). Famously selling out their ultra affordable 10K mint in just minutes, Maiar Punks have had a home in the Elrond Community's hearts since the beginning of NFTs on this budding blockchain. Since selling out, the Founder quit his Web2 job to join the Web3 revolution, and has voxel 3D full body characters, expanded lore, and a full playable universe within the Gnogen Metaverse lined up for the foreseeable future. Gnogen is looking forward to seeing the continued excellence out of the Maiar Punks team. The Founder of Gnogen (Joshua Kim) is also running the Business Development for the Maiar Punks Project. Season 2 promises to be jam packed with surprises, and the entire team is hard at work interviewing, hiring, designing, prototyping, drawing, and sculpting every day. These were the first of the Gnogen DAO projects, and we have a feeling they will stick around for a long time to come.
Twitter: @MaiarPunks

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Gnogen and Maiar Punks Announce Major Partnership
Official Medium article partner announcement

Upcoming Roadmap Items for Maiar Punks

Q2 2022 - Maiar Punks NFT owners can stake their NFTs to earn ESDT $TOLKEN.
Q2 2022 - $TOLKEN will be needed to purchase items and upgrades to your base Maiar Punks 3D Voxel Model
Q3/Q4 2022 - Expanded Lore Full Release. New 3D Full Body Voxel Characters.
Q4 2022 - Maiar Punks Capital City Closed Beta Release