The Team

After studying engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and working in the construction industry for 7 years, Josh decided to follow his passion and created Emidas. The story of an Elrond inspired orphan who finds his destiny and becomes the hero that he was destined to become. After taking a few days to sell out the first few Acts, Emidas soon began selling out instantly. A new cultural following appeared around Emidas, and thus, Gnogen was born soon after.
Thecyple is here to build the best Metaverse and to serve his community while doing so. He is not only the founder of Gnogen, but runs Head of Business Development for the Maiar Punks and is also currently in custodian charge of the Gnogen DAO Launchpad Program. Creative Director would be the official role within Gnogen, but will be temporarily playing the CEO role until Gnogen can properly fill out the C Suite.
An avid student and engineer of technology, Neil Malhotra has successfully built MMORPG and other gaming titles from the ground up. After building the gaming products for Acclaim Games, the company was eventually bought out by Disney. Lately, Neil has been developing a cutting edge use case for his very own drone technology, but is eager to step back into gaming development to take on the Gnogenverse. His team of 5 will begin working on the Gnogen Trading Card Game, expected to be available for testing in Q4 2022.
Since starting as an extremely active member of our Discord community, Mystique was promoted to Moderator, and is now a Project Manager due to her amazing ability and competence to stay organized, energetic, and dedicated to getting things done! She can process large amounts of information with high levels of accuracy and has a cool-headed resolve in the face of pressure to perform and keep everyone accounted.
She is the woman behind the computer! Setting up the Gnogen Internal Team Notion, in addition to keeping all the moving parts working at Gnogen communicating and on the same page. A great addition to any team, Mystique is well appreciated for her dedication and kindness to all.
After a lifelong hobby collecting sports cards and other sports memorabilia, Rob found a passion for crypto in 2013. In 2021 he discovered Elrond and then later Gnogen.
Rob is a Community Manager for Gnogen, helping guide Gnogen to an early steady position within the community. He continually fosters the growth and support of the community while building Gnogen into a world-class brand as we expand into the Gnogenverse and beyond. He is thorough and respectful of others, and is well-liked by everyone in our community!
Known around Discord as Thumper, Andrew entered the world of crypto last year and quickly knew that Elrond was where he wanted to be. He grew to love the community around the space and eventually found Gnogen where he ordered his 1st Emidas act.
As he continued to expand his knowledge of Gnogen and Josh's vision for the project, he became more active within the Gnogen community.
Now as a community admin, you will often find him in Discord sharing his invaluable knowledge with others. He is dedicated to helping build a strong, educated community.

Devin (CryptoVasquez) - Community Admin

With a background in business development in the tech industry, Devin is now a firefighter in California. He started collecting NFTs on Solana before discovering Elrond and Gnogen.
Being one of the original early discord members, Devin ordered his Emidas Act 1 and has been a pillar in the community ever since. Still active in NFT spaces outside of Elrond, he brings well rounded knowledge, energy and innovative ideas to the mod team. And yes, he definitely believes that pineapples belong on pizza.