The Nifty Rex

The 7th Gnogen DAO launchpad partner.
As the latest Gnogen DAO partner, the Nifty Rex first OG collection will consist of 5k time traveling rexes. As they travel through different eras, this unique generative PFP collection will collect trinkets and clothing before returning to their homes.
"This lore is actually one of the most robust story lines we have thus far accepted into the Gnogen Dao, and so we see a brand that will extend far beyond a JPEG and last many many years into the future"
Through gamification, the Nifty Rexes aim to cultivate growth throughout the Elrond ecosystem, while involving and binding the community. They also seek to make charitable contributions with input from the community on which causes are supported.
Official Links
Twitter: @niftyrexNFT

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