8. The Gnogenverse

"builders gonna build" -Beniamin Mincu
Our ultimate goal is to create a one-of-a-kind Metaverse that sets the standard for Web 3 principles, decentralization, and user ownership. One look at the popular blockchain gaming-related headlines reveals a global race towards the very AAA feeling MMORPG, Open World Metaverse. AAA games are infamously difficult and expensive to build. It will take care, planning and superb execution to be able to make a serious development effort towards building a hyper-competitive, user friendly Metaverse. Each Metaverse builder will take their own approach to building, and Gnogen's focuses on beautiful scenic backdrops, a strong variety of fan favorite playable characters, and robust integration of third party/community builders to participate in the shaping of this digital new world. With all our Metaverse token supply for $GNG being either mineable or scheduled for community ecosystem improvements and all lands claimable for free for all Gnogons holders at the time of a future snapshot, we're making a big bet that the future of Web 3 will always lie in the hands of the community. By allowing the two most important resources, money and land, to start out in the hands of the Gnogenverse Community, this Metaverse may just have what it takes to offer an organic, entertaining experience that isn't immediately swallowed up by VC investors. When the Gnogenverse lands and $GNG supply are online, the next phase to steadily build and integrate Gnogons Racing, Gnogen's Trading Card Game, and third-party DeFi protocols into the playable experience will soon after begin. The goal of these types of integrations is to build and promote a Metaverse that is not entirely centered around flipping digital assets. The Metaverse is something we will all contribute to creating together, and until someone launches that Metaverse we've all been waiting for, the race to the top is wide open. The remaining question to answer, both for the community and within our internal team, is will Gnogen secure enough funding to bring the vision to life? With scalable, robust verticals such as the products mentioned above, it's not crazy, just super hard. As is the Elrond way.