Community Guidelines

Gnogen Studios has a plan in place to become a major player in the NFT industry. We want to build the #1 Metaverse Experience, and to do that, we need to do everything at the highest levels. We ask our community to join us in following these basic guidelines to ensure a great journey for every member of this growing community.
To do so, we decided to adopt 5 principles. We ask that you respect and follow the rules of our community. As a Team, we will always do our best to address any concerns and help everyone enjoy being a part of this journey with us. Any infractions of these guidelines can result in a sanction. At the team's discretion, a timeout, kick or ban may be administered depending on severity. Please consider this a living document that may be updated from time to time as needed.

1. Respect

The first principle is “Respect”. We list this one first because it is one of the main things we will continually ask for throughout this journey. Respect the team and the other community members. Don’t use hate speech or bully. Any degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated. Refrain from use of hate speech against not only our project, but others around the community. This is also the same regarding the team. We are building a massive, multi-year, project. We know you have expectations from us, but remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you think our project should deliver new stuff every week, then you probably do not fully grasp our mission and goals. You can ask the team, respectfully, with clear questions and our Mods will make sure you get an answer. We want to avoid the “wen” questions since it’s not going to help the project in any way.

2. Be kind and courteous

We are all in this together and should strive to create a welcoming environment. Healthy debates are natural. This could be about the project or anything else, but we ask for “Respect” and kindness while doing so. Respect everyone’s privacy. What is shared by the members should stay in this group and not be used against them. Try to help as much as you can and to build authentic and expressive discussions so this community remains full of positive energy and a place people enjoy being.

3. No promotions or sales

NFTs are well known for their value and there are tons of projects you can find in the space and blockchain. You have many ways to find information about other projects or to correctly market for things outside of our Discord . We want to avoid promotions for other products or sales of any kind on our Discord. The sales channel was removed because of the numerous scams that were happening in many discords so we will now be very strict with people posting sales. You can find secondary markets to sell or buy any product with security and trust.

4. Read before you ask

We know you might have a lot of questions. We have created a lot of useful resources to help not only educate you on all things Gnogen, but to hopefully answer all your questions. Within Discord there are several channels full of information. You can also read our Medium articles, follow us on Twitter or listen to our AMAs. Hopefully, most of your answers can be found in any of those resources. If not, please feel free to ask in our Discord and someone from our team or community is always happy to help. We know you are just as excited about what's to come as we are and appreciate the patience as we build.

5. Have fun!

You, like us, are here for the long run and we will reward the early supporters that follow us all along this journey. Don’t wait on specific dates. Overthinking can be draining sometimes and you have to remember that we are at an early stage and big things take time to grow. Use this time to learn about other members, help those in need, take care of your fellow holders and come with an open mindset.