Art Coiner

The 8th Gnogen DAO launchpad partner and the exclusive coin maker of the Gnogenverse.
Art Coiner ACT 1, the Genesis, is a tribute to the ecosystem which saw the birth of our project, the Elrond blockchain. This first collection pictures the Elrond trinity through a three coin series: the EGLD native coin, the Maiar interface and the MEX governance & exchange token. Each coin, simple by design, yet emblematic and refined down to the last detail, was their attempt at showcasing their concept of an exclusive digital numismatics collectible. The undisputed success of this first part, in the early days of the Elrond NFT community, confirmed Art Coiner's long-term vision.
"The level of craftsmanship AC brings into his works of art serves as a consistent reminder as to how high quality an NFT can look."
With their second release, ACT 2, they knew they had to be iconic and rallying, as it is the beginning of their thematics collections. It resulted from a deep reflection about the substance of our common dreams. Mythologies, the founding myths of our imagination, was the perfect subject of this new creation, where Elves & Dwarves, Saga, Olympus and even Cthulhu were brought together. Each universe has its own unique coin, while being part of a coherent whole.
As the 8th Gnogen DAO partner, Art Coiner has entered a 3 year deal exclusive deal with Gnogen Studios becoming the official coin maker of the Gnogenverse.
Twitter: @Art_Coiner

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