3. Long-term Vision

"slow is smooth, smooth is fast"
The long-term vision for Gnogen is to create TV shows, movies, collectibles, games, and metaverse experiences for the next-gen, crypto-minded people of the world. Emidas is our core Supreme Hero from which our entire universe will be born. From Emidas come six more Supreme Hero allies that he must lead against an immense threat within the Gnogen Comics Universe, and the Villain will emerge on the scene to take on this mighty alliance. What we have planned from here is largely saved for the future, but what we can say, for now, is that this core lore will set the foundation for a Digital Trading Card Game based on the same lore. Not only will we set up our own studio to create the original characters, lore, and artwork, but we are also working with an accomplished gaming development team to create content that is actually fun, entertaining and playable for our members.
Leveraging the growth in popularity and adoption we hope to gain through the Trading Card Game, the plan is to then pivot this early success into our first investment round. This initial round of funding will be used to build our very own Metaverse and Dragon Racing Blockchain Game. By saving time and resources building on top of pre-existing gaming engines such as Unreal or Unity, experienced developer teams can focus their efforts to develop the story lines and creative assets needed to bring the Gnogenverse to life.
These goals are lofty and ambitious. We realize all of these things, blockchain-based racing, trading card games, comics, TV shows, movies, and our very own fully explorable Metaverse, let alone one, require sizeable resources. Gnogen is taking a calculated, methodical route to ensure we strive for steady, sustainable practices and strategies. We begin with comics to create heroes around which online communities and fan clubs can form. By leading the frontier of blockchain digital collectibles, gaming, and entertainment, our ecosystem collectors can feel confident knowing Gnogen Studios has the talent, production quality, and level of execution to reach the top of the comic book industry.
What we know we will achieve in the present day is this: 100 original digital trading cards that will combine live-action PvP dueling with top-of-the-line CGI 3D artwork. When collectors feel the artist understands supply, demand, art quality desired, and stays culturally potent at the same time, there's a long-term belief that begins to settle in. Web 3 is about providing communities a novel way to support their favorite artists or projects, and have a chance to grow and progress alongside that artist.