The first brand and IP to be acquired by Gnogen.
Originally founded by Lucas Jensen, a graphic design artist with over 20 years of experience, Validators was introduced as the third Gnogen DAO partner on November 5th, 2021. With that introduction also came the announcement that their first collection would be released in part the very next day as a shock drop in their discord. The rest of the 1k supply would then go on sale in their discord the following week.
The dedication to delivering a quality project to the community is seen throughout the Validators project. Along with the amount of time, effort and work Lucas has put into the project, he has also been battling cancer for many years.
Given the current times in the ecosystem and the level of energy required to fully dedicate oneself to this line of work, Gnogen decided to acquire the Validators brand and IP. Taking responsibility for the community and the project, the v2 collection was released as a Gnogen authentic product on July 26, 2022.
Validators v1
Mintage: 1k
Ranks: I-V
Rank I - 48% - Warriors
Rank II - 28% - Pools
Rank III - 16% - Observers
Rank IV - 7% - Metas
Rank V - 1% - Masters
Gnogen Validator v1
Mintage: 100
Validatos v2
Mintage: 10k

Collection Identifiers

Twitter: @ValidatorsNFT