0. Prologue

The Generation of Knowledge
A good story has the power to unite all people. Every story has a hero, and, as the laws of entropy dictate, it must have a counterpart in a villain. The never ending duel between good and evil is the constant force that threads all epochs, weaving them together, into the singular, unceasing story that is called Humanity. One necessitates the existence of the other. The Yin and Yang pushing and pulling against one another. The war between light and darkness. The battles between positive and negative. The tethered dance between life and death. Apart, each represent half of a completed cycle, and together, they form both sides of the same coin.
Neither is ever able to completely eradicate the other. Each is inexplicably tied in perpetuity to the other, longing each day to be at last rid of the other. But there is no life without movement. There is no movement without energy. There is no energy, without this unbroken fight.
As the forces of tyranny and inequality continue to ravage the modern, developing, and third world countries around the world, the next generation of heroes have taken to knowledge to set them free. Wisdom has allowed that knowledge to be transformed into power. And that power has begun to set free the bonds of economic slavery that have existed in this species story for far too long.
A generation tired of oppression. A generation smarter than the ones that came before them can ever seem to admit. A generation that grew beyond the limitations of the mind; utilizing smart phones and blazing fast internet connection to increase neural computational capacity by manifolds — A generation, of knowledge. Welcome to the stories, the heroes, the villains, and the beauty within this great struggle, as told in the medium of art. Welcome to GNOGEN.