High Street Wolf Society

The 5th Gnogen DAO launchpad partner.
When you mix pop culture, street fashion, original designs and wolves you get the 5th partner of the Gnogen DAO, High Street Wolf Society.
These fashion forward wolves will soon be able to be shop in the High Street boutique, where there will be a limited amount of high end, one of a kind collectors items. There you will also be able to purchase some physical products that will come with an auxiliary digital assets, ADA. The ADA is a digital twin of the physical item.
Also featured will be a fitting room, graffiti wall, golden bone and a mysterious moon elixir. With a fully loaded roadmap, the wolves are ready.
"The HSWS team has remastered their collection, further polished their website, and their roadmap is filled with a secret ingredient that cannot be bought: talent."
Twitter: @HighStreetWolf

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