Digital Trading Card Game

Releasing this year will be our 100 card, Season 1, release of the official Gnogen Trading Card Game. Each card artwork will be done in full 3D, with a 3D PC downloadable game to play them in. This is trading cards done in Web 3, with ownership, circulating supply, and authenticity verifiable on the blockchain. Users will log in by connecting their Maiar Wallet, and choose their lineups before entering PvP battle. $GNG will be the core token through which players will wager, enter tournaments, and bid for collector's edition rare cards. We have brought on accomplished gaming developer Neil Malhotra to lead the development of the game with an experienced team of 5. We expect a playable demo no later than Q4, with a full release after heavy community testing in 2023. Emidas, Aermes, Doga, and more will be featured as playable characters. The goal is to turn traditional card games upside down, and offer players a more intense, gratifying gaming experience. To the winner goes the spoils and the bragging rights. Best thing to do now is to prepare $GNG miners. $GNG token mining goes live Q3 2022.