Lightning Bolts

The 2nd Gnogen DAO launchpad partner.
You won't have to look very hard around the Elrond space before noticing the lightning bolt emojis presence. What started as a way for Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu to self verify himself on Twitter before getting the official Twitter check mark, has since been adopted community wide.
Enter the second Gnogen DAO partner, Lightning Bolts.
The first collection they released was a 5k generative PFP project. Since launch, they've released their roadmap laying out what holders old and new should expect for the upcoming year. Q3 is already highly anticipated with the long awaited v2 3D collection set to be released. Holding a v1 will grant you 1 v2 for free. From staking to physical apparel, there is something for everyone.
Twitter: @LightningNFT

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