Aerovek Aviation and Gnogen Studios alike have constantly been searching for ways to push the boundaries and think outside the box. In this spirit, we are thrilled to introduce the Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA); A new partnership between Aerovek Aviation and Gnogen Studios.
Our new, innovative staking pool aims to enhance the current benefits for delegators on the Elrond Network. Those who choose to stake with ASA will receive AERO tokens and exclusive Gnogen NFTs — in addition to the already lucrative EGLD rewards we have all come to know and love.
We believe this greatly incentivizes the way delegators are currently receiving rewards and will further drive the innovation in the space and create opportunities for businesses looking to expand into blockchain technology as a secondary revenue stream. Aerovek aims to become the Uber of Web 3 by allowing plane owners, operators, and flyers to coordinate via smart contracts and tokens on the blockchain, in a trust less approach to aerospace. They are on the cutting edge of developing working DAPPs on the Elrond Blockchain, and Gnogen is a proud partner of Aerovek.