Former Gnogen DAO launchpad partner.
META-BRICKS, formerly knows as BrickBoys, had a challenging start with the initial release of their first collection. This resulted in the team ultimately deciding to stop the project and refund everyone who minted.
The accountability and honesty the META-BRICKS team demonstrated was just the type of characteristics Gnogen DAO respected and were in full support of. With that, the offer to re-mint under the Gnogen DAO launchpad was extended.
With that, the Meta Bricks became the 6th Gnogen DAO partner. Ready to start rebuilding brick by brick, the team knew the journey ahead of them would not be an easy one. The team spent months creating a fully Metaverse ready product, with plans to later release a collection of female bricks and animated 360s to original holders. Unfortunately, this space along with the overall sentiment of the economy as a whole has taken its toll on builders. The amount of funds required to successfully build and continue building isn't what it was even six months ago. It is for that reason the Meta Bricks team has chosen to end their project. Again, the team has been transparent and honest with their holders and has handled the situation with class and integrity. They have created a plan to be able to refund what they can and airdrop rare Bricks to holders that meet certain criteria. We applaud the team for their determination to even try a second time and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
Twitter: @Metabricks_NFT

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Introducing the 6th GnogenDAO Launchpad Partner: META-BRICKS
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