4. Strategy

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." — Sun Tzu
So far we’ve charted an amazing story for our first original Supreme Hero Emidas. Six more Supreme Heroes are set for release in 2022, each getting seven digital comic style artworks that you do not want to miss. With limited quantities being released for every Comic NFT, it is highly advised to stay up to date in the NFT space and to always be prepared for the next high demand drop. We have some insane plans for this superstar cast of next-gen heroes. AR, VR, and additional ways of interacting with your digital collectibles are our overarching utilities for everything we are setting out to build. Knowing that community is the lifeblood of any successful Web 3 venture, the number one priority is to provide our community with a collectible experience that is truly second to none.
But comics are not enough to build a large community. Enter Gnogons, our very first 10K PFP art collection. By selling 10,000 digital club memberships to future whitelists, claimable gifts, and future upgradability, we expanded our community base to be better able to compete against the PFP-heavy NFT industry of the current times. But to those who think the Gnogons 10K Collection is merely a JPEG, a forewarning: each Gnogon indeed acts as an authentication beacon for projects and teams to identify who owns an authentic Gnogon and who does not. Gnogons also came preloaded with unique, randomly distributed, metadata scores for Power, Attack, Defense, Speed, Intelligence, and Heart. Meaning, no two dragons are alike in both art and potential functionality in future DAPPs (decentralized applications). Gnogons will feature a second and third generation of artwork, where holders can "fuse" their first generation Gnogons.
We've since acquired the robot based NFT project "Validators", through which we will offer our growing ecosystem our second ever of 10K PFP collection. Although the Validator IP and Gnogons will run separately in their respective lores (for now), every Gnogen Authentic NFT that contains a "Power" score in its metadata is eligible for our novel token distribution mechanism known as "The Great War".
The strategy for releasing multiple 10K PFP collections is to offer each collector something they can relate to, while opening new opportunities for people to join the Gnogen ecosystem for the first time. We envision a future Gnogenverse that has millions of daily users, and it is of paramount importance that we have a wide distribution of holders. Unique holders are vital to any crypto based project, as it is far easier to manipulate a small group than it is to noticeably affect a larger group.
From the first day to our last, Gnogen will always remain committed to serving the community. The Metaverse we are building will be built together. 10,000 land NFTs will be claimable as free gifts to anyone who purchased a Gnogon 10K NFT directly from us. Each landowner will one day be able to build from an approved list of 3D assets or even apply to become an approved builder as well. The Gnogenverse will be built together between creatives and developers from all over the world; landowners craft the experience they wish to see on their lands through robust. It will be built brick by brick. For the People. By the People.
With Gnogen Comics leading the way for our creative side to thrive, our gaming and Metaverse division will seek organic growth by creating beautiful, scenic visuals for bustling online economic activity to take place, with people exploring other peoples' lands and trading the riches of their spoils. The foundation our smart contract driven, community-mined utility token $GNG will power the Gnogen Metaverse economy.