2. The Elrond Blockchain

Why we chose to build on Elrond
The Elrond Network is a layer 1 blockchain that is capable of processing smart contracts written in RUST, which is quickly becoming the go to coding language of low latency, high bandwidth gen 3 blockchains. As such, the Elrond blockchain is used by individuals, organization, brands, companies, and projects all over the world to provide live, public, and immutable references of transactions that occur anywhere within its ecosystem. Elrond was created by a dedicated team of high-level professionals who specialize in cyber security and blockchain development. They are led by the 3 founders Beniamin Mincu, Lucian Mincu, and Lucian Todea. Today, the Elrond ecosystem is well on its path toward greater levels of adoption. Which in turn promise to open up a world of possibilities where builders and creatives anywhere, and at any time, can leverage this technology to build stronger products and more engaged communities.
This is the part of the story where Gnogen was born. What would happen if the comic book franchise of the future was built on blockchain? How would collectors and comic book enthusiasts react to the high quality original content being released as digital collectibles through the form of blockchain authentic ownership technology known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? How would the value of collectibles change if the total amount created and the live statistics of each piece being bought and sold, reinvigorate the collector economy? Sounds interesting enough for us to find out. But keep in mind all of this is only possible on a blockchain that is user-friendly, capable of processing large amounts of transactions in a reasonable amount of time, and void of absurd transaction fees. This is the part where the Elrond Network Blockchain will really help take NFTs to their next logical progression. We feel strongly that the Elrond Blockchain is the strongest candidate to handle a blockchain gaming experience that refuses to compromise on security, decentralization, and scalability.
It isn't just about comics. The many blockchain experiences we're building for Web 3 such as a trading card game, dragon racing, a metaverse, an online virtual gallery, and more, simply cannot function on blockchains that do not possess the speed, security, and decentralization that Elrond already has live on their Mainnet. Although there is currently a handful of layer 1 blockchains that can more or less perform NFT transactions, Elrond may be the only blockchain that can already scale to meet user demand, to near infinite levels of throughput. Coupled with Elrond's laser focus on making blockchain more easier to access for people of levels, the stage is set for blockchain, and Elrond in particular, to enter the mainstream conversation.